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Natasha de Bourg Biography 
Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate. As a professional chef, Natasha de Bourg is passionate about spreading the love by sharing her expertise in cooking different cuisines with the rest of the world. Having grown up in Trinidad, she got exposed to a great wealth of knowledge, diversity, culture, and flavors. Along with her skills, she learned the value of commitment, dedication, entrepreneurship, and team building.
Natasha has traveled to over 50 countries, 100 regions, and provinces. These experiences enable her to cook different cuisines, including Asian, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Indian, French, Italian, and Scandinavian. Due to her exceptional work, she became an executive chef in France and cooked for dignitaries, celebrities, a prince, and a princess. In addition, she is the first Caribbean student to be the culinary president, health ambassador, and resident ambassador in her university, holding all three positions at once.

Not only are her tactics distinct, but they have also been shaped by her education qualifications, including a Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts from Derby University in the United Kingdom, Bachelor’s Degree in International Business in Cesar Ritz College Switzerland, and Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism from
TTHTI Trinidad and Tobago.

Natasha's expertise also includes Advance Baking & Pastry Workshops,Sugar & Chocolatier courses, completing Mixology & Bartending courses with Colin Fields who works at Ritz Paris and produces world-class bartenders. 

She has worked at seven of the top restaurants around the world, including Mirazur.
With over eight years of experience in being a chef, Natasha has built a reputation as a dedicated chef who focuses on bringing the best out of every meal. Her whimsical flair for life and love for food projects on every plate she perfectly creates. She contributes her success to her competence, energy, strong work ethics, compassion, and ability to put her client’s interests first by presenting them with the best food they have ever tasted.


Committed to her career, Natasha has featured in a Television Show on NBC, a reality Tv Show, her own Talk Series named "Tacos and Tequila - Let’s Talk Trauma". She seeks to stay ahead of the game regarding the latest technology, recipes, and culinary education. Currently she is working on expanding her brand and seeking new entrepreneurial opportunities.


Besides cooking, Natasha is also passionate about women empowerment, humanitarian work, traveling, entrepreneurship, filming, and exploring restaurants. During her leisure time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

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